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Mission Statement

Our main aim is to make documentaries that matter on key social issues, subjects and stories in our native United Kingdom and globally.

We also challenge the evils of authoritarianism, ignorance, hate, corruption and abuse of power by exposing them to as wide an audience as possible. We seek to empower citizens in democracies and all humanity facing injustice by sharing information they need to help build better societies.

We’re happy to entertain, as well as educate and inform, by celebrating the best of humanity, not just the worst, or simply enriching the lives of our audiences but always underpinned with a social or human purpose. We will make key films independently if broadcasters and streamers will not fund or distribute them, to expand audiences and understanding of what we believe in but are always happy to work with other media organisations to get stories that need telling to as wide an audience as possible.


We also make dramas, about true stories and satire, with a social purpose but good characters and entertainment not preaching, not just factual films. And, if making sense of the world is not enough by itself, we’re happy to send up the nonsense that gets in the way of this. But, above all, to seek to be the change we want to see in the world by always doing our best to observe the principles we advocate for others and remembering that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere



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